Miscellaneous End-Of-Month Snapshots

Written Oct 4ish, 2019

Dear Family, Friends, and Diary,

Sometimes I clear out my cameras and end up with a few snapshots, snapshots that document nothing extraordinary, just our normal routine. To the degree I want to recall "normal" some time in the future, I depend on this diary record and this is one of those "normal records". (Pictures, mostly, so my editor isn't put to work unnecessarily.)

Out in the Central Valley, the growing season is ending. Grapes are drying to raisins in the fields. Almonds have been shaken loose from spiky trees. Cotton is almost ready to be harvested. Some day I will do a real photo essay on Valley agriculture, but for now, a few snaps.

vineyard almonds

This may be peak farmers' market season too, and we have ended up with a couple of regular venues: Friday bargains at the "Mexican" market at Manchester Mall and on Wednesday and Saturday "Vineyard", a little fancier and pricier.

Picked-this-morning grapes and plums are particularly good this time of year.

FridayMkt Fress stuff grapes plums

My coffee girls and Marianne's designer rice farmer may be the reason Vineyard is more expensive for us.

Vineyard coffeeGirls rice

Other local culinary delights include the Gazebo Gardens beer garden, Gorilla Quesadilla, and Ampersand Ice Cream. These offerings may not be diet-friendly, but they are all part of our buy-local effort.

Gazeebo roses trucks
beer Gorilla Ampersand


VernissageAcross the street from Gorilla and Ampersand, we needed to take down Marianne's last (for now) showing at Vernissage. To compensate, we made our dining room into a mini-gallery.

Speaking of art, last Thursday was the monthly ArtHop and we seem to always have obligations. Marianne's art was no longer hanging at Vernissage, but we gave our encouragement and support there in any event.

Daniel Van Gerpen's aerial farm and canal paintings were featured in the sunnier room.

Vernissage talking VanGerpen

David Medley and Karen LeCoq had taken over the other half of the gallery with their creative and dramatic creations.

Medley gloves
Karen moonSaroyan

While Marianne stayed with her artist friends at Vernissage, I went down to Sorenson's Gallery to see what was happening. The only thing that caught my camera's eye was Bob Kliss and his magic with glass. Always a crowd pleaser.

Klizewski Bob Kliss crowd

And that was the end of our September.

Next up: Sierra Art Trails, two days of interesting local artwork. Stay tuned (if that's your thing.)

John (and Marianne)