Neighborhood Halloween

Draft November 1, 2019

Dear Family, Friends, and Diary,

Cambridge Ave, our neighborhood, has traditions, especially as the end-of-the-year holidays approach. The first is the Halloween pot-luck and treat dispensary. Most of the neighbors gather in "The Commons", the lawn between Joan and Vern's and Rosemarie's place. (Gene and Nancy are more traditional and like to welcome kids at their own door, once he gets off his ladder. Nice costume.) We put signs on our own doors to direct all the tricksters to the waiting table of goodies, one bowl per house.

Gene door candy table

While it's still light, we gather to laugh and chat and offer treats to passing City College students. These guys had just been at wrestling practice, so they NEEDED calories.

FCC guys chat laugh
Deb and Gson Gloria and Steve crowd

This trio were the first costumes through the line, so they definitely got the best light and picks of treats.

policepink princesschoices

About 6:30, just as it was getting dark, crowds arrived from near (Eloise and Hazel) and far. I thought this year's visitors were particularly well-costumed.

group heros Eloise and Hazel
select smile scary dad painter
dive in survey crowd

We ended the evening just hanging around the fire pit, chatting and sometimes just staring into the fire. Nice memories. (Using my new camera, I seem to take darker than usual photographs, but I am getting to prefer the "feel" and it really was how I remember the fire-pit scene.)

crowd almost family
M and KentVern My Favorite

I am not aware what else the weekend will hold, so stay tuned.

John and Marianne