Neighborhood Roof Reconstruction

Started November 1, 2019

Dear Family, Friends, and Diary,

old roof

This is a diary mostly for our neighbors Gene and Nancy. This week they entertained Cambridge Avenue with The Great Roof Razing. After 100 years, the old shake shingles were removed, along with two or three layers of more modern material. It was a good show, or at least the best one on offer in the neighborhood.


Here is a gallery of the first day of The Great Roof Razing. I'm not sure if this is of interest to more than neighbors and me, but others can always just skip quickly. Everything on this website is self-served.

start gear empty bin belts on
planners toss on top back side
shingles climberlthswindow
complexinspectorstools down day's end


More tear-off and the start of sheathing. Gene trying to catch up with spare parts production.

sheath up sheath on Gene

trashday end

By the end of the day, the guys had cleaned up and sent away their fourth load of scrap. The old house was looking a little bare, but still presentable, even elegant. Good bones.



Not too many pictures today because the Trotters were fairly busy. "The project" is making progress, although Gene needs to catch up on some rot repair.

mid wayrotday end


workingdays end

An even busier day for us, so not much chance for neighborhood photography. All the shingles are off now and maybe a quarter of the roof area is closed with plywood sheathing. No rain in the ten-day forecast, an advantage of global warming?


A busy day for the project with a truck load of new shingles. Sheathing gets done and some of the back gets covered.

arriveowner picturesidesmall side
peakstart backlittle roofend of day


No rest on this weekend day. Shingles went on the back side and Gene continued to fix his century-old fixer upper.

plan look up stand alone
back sidereflectwork


A day off, except for Gene and his patch and fill. House looked good in evening light.

repairgoop evening


The experienced work crew came back and attacked the front. Gene gave a tour to Marianne.

gear upclimb uptour
on ropespairhammerfit edge


Lots of work on the front surfaces. Gene inspects after he noticed a problem with the shingle alignment. By the end of the day, looks close.

workfolks aroundgetting there
inspectoralmost done


Nice morning light and the Peters crew arrives for the last time. The backyard duck is tired of all the dust and noise. Lots of details today. Final shots of side, back, and front.

early lightPeters truck start
trimmerstrimmingflat ventround vent
side done back doneback side

End? Never, it's an old house. Now, just the little job of painting. Yikes!