Marking Time

June 14-23, 2022

Dear Family, Friends, and Diary,

Marking time. That's what we're doing nowadays. Covid resurgence has chased us away from crowds, or even groups. Our chemo-recovery patient is still a ways from 100%. Our photography department is struggling to find anything interesting. So, what's happening?

For our artist, it's art preparation, practice, and Pam's "Pro Classes". Marianne has been invited to submit a pair of paintings to a local show in August and making new pieces reflecting her new class work has kept her busy. That's all good. She also meets with Zumba friends and even tried a class or two. Meet-ups work great, the classes may still be a bit too much. She still makes use of Mamo's recliner.

peloton rideI putter. Some mornings I get ambitious and go on a bike ride, a Peloton bike ride. Classes are too tough, so I opt for rides in villages and fields.

seaver styreetOther times, , I walk the neighborhood a bit, our "historic neighborhood", including a street dedicated to Tom Seaver, a local baseball player who made good. "Historic", that may be a stretch.flags

On Saturdays, we go to the Vineyard Farmer's Market, where we can observe the seasons change. All produce is local, so dull winter vegetables have been morphing to tastier spring and early summer berries and veggies. Ukrainian flags now fly on the blue and white Bavarian flagpole. I wonder who else recognizes the juxtaposition.Vern

I can now deliver our New York Times to neighbor Vern again, at least on his porch. He has just now tested negative after a bout of Covid and everyone is grateful the 93-year-old's case was mild. It seems like the virus is striking closer and closer to home. Even if the cases are not severe, we are still cautious.

My basketball Warriors finished their season as NBA champions, so that no longer distracts my evening attention. I'm left with puzzles, lots of 1,000-piece puzzles.


dovesAfter weeks of just tending their nest, our back porch Mourning Doves presented us with a new chick. I think this is brood #7. As a single child, the little guy apparently got lots of food from mom and dad and was ready to fly in hardly any time at all. Now it's all quiet again, until next time.

Speaking of quiet, that is the story of our lives right now. We have a family weekend coming up, but otherwise life is quiet, very quiet. I suppose that's better than some of the drama we've been subject to over the last couple of years, but still .. when can we return to activity?

Stay tuned,

John and Marianne