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2000 Diaries

In 2000 we combined some nice tours, especially a Spring Break to Istanbul, with a most unusual project: rebuilding our own flat in Kyiv. The flat turned out to be a dream come true as we could afford hand labor, at Ukrainian prices, to beautifully restore our turn-of-the-century place. (Thanks to Lena our designer, Mike our contractor and his whole crew.)

January 6, Babi Yar &St. Cecil's

June 14, Parties, Paris and London

January 7, Gabby with New Flat

April 1, Istanbul, Part 1, Arrival

July 8, End of School

February 12, Christmas (!?)

April 2, Istanbul, Part 2, Tuoring & Eating

July 27, Tallin, Estonia

February 19, House Progress

April 4, Istanbul, Part 3, Spices & Rugs

September 15, Summer & Visit Home

Febrary 26, Message Home

April 12, Bucharest, Romania

October 15, Normal Life Toward Winter

March 8, Quick House Tour

April 21, Chornobyl

November 19, Lviv Again

March 10, Tom and Kate

April 21 continued, Opachichi

December 10, Pre-Christmas  

December 25, Christmas (Constructed in 2016)