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2001 Diaries

2001 was a dramatic year, for us, for the U.S., and for the world. In our case, we made it through another winter in Kyiv and then started a medical diagnostic process that had Marianne "med-evac'd" to the nmearest decent facility - in Helsinki, Finland. When we eventually walked out of the clinic with a clean bill of health, we changed our lives drastically because we were reminded of our mortality and of the dreams we haven't fulfilled yet.

We quit our jobs, bought a nice car, and planned to wander around Europe for as long as we could afford it. Of course, just as we were leaving, the events of September 11 happened and through the shock we were reminded yet again that we are not in complete control of our lives. Nevertheless, we stuck to our plans and started our Road Trip precisly on October 1. It was wonderful.

May, 2001 We're Still Here

**** **** ****ROAD TRIP**** **** ****

May 1, Istanbul Again

Going Aways (Sept.)

Vaxjo to Berlin (Nov 1)

May 13, Victory Day May 10

Helsinki and The Car (Oct 1)

Berlin - Tourist Impressions (Nov 3)

June 3, Kyiv Days and Routine

Uusikaupunki Car Factory(Oct 3)

Berlin - Museums, Churches and Places (Nov 4)

June 23, Trip to Brian's Wedding

Turku, Old Capitol(Oct 4)

On the Road Again, to the Bad (Nov 6)

July 7, Trip to Italian Lake Region

Long Road to Rovaniemi(Oct 4/5)

Saltzburg (Nov 8)

July 8, Lake Como Photo Tour

Arctic Circle(Oct 6)

Bad Reichenhall, Base Camp (Nov 9)

July 22, Med Evac

Road to the Norwegian Mountains(Oct 8)

Munich (Nov 12)

August 28, Visitors and the Train Chase

John's Norwegian Roots(Oct 9)

Pinakothek Art Quiz (Nov 13)

September 1, Gabrielle's Visit

Tromso Norway(Oct 11)

Romantic Road (Nov 14)

September 2, Independence Celebration

Hurtigruten Ferry South(Oct 14)

Two Romantic Cities (Nov 15)

September 3, A New Train Station

Picture Highlights fro Hurtigruten (Oct 15)

Frankfurt (Nov. 17)

September 12, Being American

Fjord Spectacular (Oct 16)

Together Again in Aschaffenburg (Dec. 2)

Flam to Myrdal Train (Oct 17)

Heidelberg (Dec 3)

Christmas in Maryland (Dec 15-29)

Flam to Olso (Oct 18)

Strasbourg, France (Dec 5)

Norway's Boats - Viking to Ra II (Oct 20)

Obernai, France(Dec 6)

Oslo Tour (Oct 21)

Obernai to a Roadstop(Dec 7)

Stockholm (Oct 24)

Roadstop to Beaune (Dec 8)

Vaxjo and Smaland Glass (Oct 27)

Beaune, Capital of Burgundy (Dec 9)


Lyon, Base for a Break (Dec 12)