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2003 Diaries

In 2003, we started out still in Frankfurt, hoping for a good long stay. For travel, up through Spring we settled for weekend trips, mostly to France and to other parts of Germany. In the summer, we had a nice long Road Trip through Switzerland and the Tuscany region of Italy. It was wonderful, but we both had to return to our regular jobs. We came back and John waited for a decision on the project that could have kept us here for years. In late October, we learned our product had lost but one from another part of the company had won. What does that mean? Stay tuned.

January 10, New Year, New Challanges On the Road Again (July 1) Sanctuary at La Verna (July 25)
January 26, Pots, Pans and An Emperor In a Mountain Valley (July 3) Arrezzo and Other Towns and Villages(July 26)
April 6, Spring Break in Normany and Brittany Rainy Independence day (July 4) Colle di Val D'Elsa (July 27)
April 11, France's Battlefields Tour Schilthorn (July 5) Siena - Not (July 30)
May 4, Colmar in Alsace Saas Valley (July 7) Castello Val D'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Montalcino, Pienza, Mazola, and so forth (July 31)
May 10, Normal (School) Life St. Bernard Pass (July 8) Perugia (Aug 3)
May 26, Brugge, Belgium Cervina in the Italian Alps (July 9) Split Vacations (August 10)
May 31, Saturday Home Tour Mountain Wildflowers (July 10) Treviso and Villas (August 12)
June 7, Neuschwanstein Villa Emilia (July 11) The Dolomites - In Season (August 14)
June 8, Reutte, Austria Filetto, Medieval Village (July 11) Last Big Mountains (August 16)
June 9, Austrian Alps Drive Bagnone (July 11) Appenzell, Switzerland (August 17)
June 30, Mother-In-Law Visit Parma , Cheese, Ham and More (July 12)  
  Pontremoli, Great Home Base (July 13) August 30, Back Home
  Cinque Terre, Trains and Tourists (July 14) September 17, Frankfurt Auto Show
  Barga and Lucca, Quick Look (July 15) September 28, Solingen and the Cutting Edge
  Pietrasante, Hard Art (July 16) November 9, A Walk in the Odenwald
  Florence, Tour Guide (July 19) December 5, Catching Up With Tours
  Florence, Art Impressions (July20) December 6, Catching Up With Life
  Florence, Views and Vistas (July 21)  December 20, German Christmas
  Tuscan Farm Stay (July 23)  December 29, US Christmas