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THIS year's plan is .... ooops, no plan. John's work keeps him away from home during the week, but we'll try to see if that can be controlled. And we have resolved to travel more. We'll see.


January 30, A Quick Trip to Cologne February, Diary of the Month February 28, Munich March 7, Pommersfelden
March 12, Another Paris Business Trip April 5, Good Easter Guests April 18, A Two-Week Wrap-up April 24, Emptying the Cameras
May 9, A country Weekend (Tauber Valley) May 16, Traditional Garden Show May 23, Bodensee (Lake Constance) June 28, June Catch-up
July 4, An American Bar-B-Q July 10, Other July Things July 30, The Rest of July August 2, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
August 22, A Mosel Valley Weekend August 29, Helsinki for Work September 11, Driving Home from Frankfurt October 10, A Note to Marianne (in California)
October 24, Grandkids in America October 31, American Haloween November 20, A November Diary & Blog December 3, Starting the Christmas Season
December 6, More Christmas Markets December 10, Snow Chaos December 11, Sommerhausen Xmas Market December 19, Negins Arrive
December 21, Part 1 of Lisbon December 22, Belem December 23, Lisbon Aquarium and Tiles December 24, Xmas Eve in Lisbon
December 26, Home to Snow