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Is this the year we will really See the USA?  Health willing, of course.
January 1-15, Start New Year January 16, Tanaya and Yosemite January 26, First Week in House
January  31, Death Valley
February  4, Bizarre Grafitti
February 15, Family Gatherings
February 28, Babysitting
March 6, Mendocino
March 15, Hungarian Party
March 22, Sierra Madre and Azusa
March 25-29, Heart Repair
April 1-10, Back Home, More Heart, More Family
April 11, Fresno State Luau
April 13-17, California Missions April 29-May 10, Babysitting
May 16 & 17, Kings Canyon with Pedro and Isabelle
May 19-31, Nancy's Visit and Other May Events
June 1, Sonora Gold Country June 2-15, Art Hop, Friends, Graduation Party June 12-14, Grandkids
June 19-24, Wedding and Sonoma
July 27-30, Around Home August 6 and 8, Marianne's ArtHop Showing August 1-10, Sacramento Tennis and Other Home Events
August 16, Kids Visit
August 23, Ashland
August 26, Florence
August 29, Cannon Beach
September 5, Portland
September 8, Walla Walla, Coeur d'Alene, Kalispel
September 11, Glacier
September 15, Spokane, Grand Coulee
September 20, Seattle
September 28, Mount Hood and Bend
October 4, Back in California
October 23, Back Home in Fresno
October 25, Marianne's 70th Birthday
October 29, Chin and Peter Visit
October 30, Lane and Alexis Wedding
November 7-17, A Visit to Maryland and Virginia
November 25, Back Home
November 29, Thanksgiving Weekend
December 15, First Half of December
December 22-25, Christmas and More