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Still settled in Fresno, with obligations, and still thinking we should travel more.  One trip planned for Cuba in March and we will add as much as practical.  Always practical.

January 1-5, Start New Year January 9, Los Banos - Art Business, Elk, and Birds January 21, Women's March in Fresno January 25, Kngns Canyon and General Grant in Snow
January 29, No Ban - No Wall March
January 30 - February 1, Yosemite in Winter February 12-16, Death Valley Again February 25 - March 3, Fresno Events
February 4-8, Fresno to Montesereno
March 8-12, Florida March 13-20, Havana Cuba
March 24-April 8, Fresno Home Activities
April 15-22 Family, Easter, and Friends