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Anchored in Fresno with no extraordinary events planned as of January 4th.  Hopefully, something good will happen.

January 1-5, Start Another Year January 11-21, Fresno to Monterey (and a little Los Gatos) January 31-Feb 2, Another Elipse (Lunar) February 12-18, Los Gatos and Home (Sick)
February 23-25, Blossom Trail and Sequoia Snow
March 3-8, Uni and Ava Birthday
March 16-18, Spencer Checkup and Monterey March 23-25, No Trips - Fresno Action
March 28-April10, Mamo, Hawks, and Neighbors April 8-12 10, Sinzen and Yosemite
April 14-27, Jazz and Little Things April 27-29, Hungarian and Swim Fests
May 1-6, ArtHop to Cardella Wine
May 10-14, Mothers Day Miscellaneos May 15-16, Kings Canyon Night Skies May 20-24, Mostly Sam's Birthday
May 31, Photography Practice at Chaffee Zoo June 3-6, Ventura Adventure
June 21-25, U of P Reunion June 25-30, Civics Lessons
July 2-10, Marianne Coast Visit, Backyard BBQ, Video Training
July 11-19, Sierras East and West
July 21 & 31, A Flower to End July August 1-9, Birthday to Colorado and Back
August 5-9, Rocky Mountain National Park
August 12-19, Family Notes
August 24-28, More Family September 3, Labor Day
August 28-Sept 3, Family Film and Baseball September 28-30, Quick Yosemite
October 5-7, Sierra Art Trail
October 14-19, Grandkids and Health Tests
October 21-24, Joshua Tree National Park
October 26-Nov 4, Halloween to Reunion
December 6-15,
Early Christmas
December 21-25, Christmas