In a country far, far away

At a time of trouble and turmoil

Or maybe just of boredom and routine

John and Marianne said they wanted a change

Away from our ideal California Community. Off the Beaten Path,

So we sold the house

And looked off the Path

Way Off

We ended up moving to Kyiv, Ukraine. Marianne taught Middle School and I consulted to the local nuclear regulator. But mostly, we learned. Of an ancient country we knew nothing about. The largest wholly in Europe. A society transformed by revolution eighty years ago -- and being re-formed again. A language, Russian, we struggled with both because it's hard for 50-somethings and because we lived in a city where Ukrainian and Russian fight for first place and English remained a distant third.

You are invited to share the "Diaries" we sent back to friends and family.

In the Summer of 2001, we abruptly changed directions. The change marked the end of the Kyiv Diaries and the beginning of a "Road Trip". Starting on the First of October, we went on the road in Europe, doing what all unreformed Hippies should do -- travel and experience Europe on a schedule dictated by interest and not by the calendar.
Nine months later, we were happy but getting broke. We looked for work back in America but then stumbled on an opportunity Frankfurt, Germany. Our new assignment was a wonderful transition from the challenges of Eastern Europe and we can now shift to shorter Road Trips as we visit Western Europe from our new base

So, stay tuned, this may never end.

At the beginning.