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Normal (School) Life

May 10, 2003 (Written May 25)

Dear Friends and Families,

We have been approaching the end of school for some time now. It may be the best part of school.

For our German classes, we had an end-of-school drink at a nearby restaurant. My teacher Beate got a big bunch of roses and we all promised to stay in touch. It's been a good experience with the Goethe Institute, both for the language and for meeting new friends. (We DID get back together once so far!

Meanwhile, out at Marianne's school, they've started the various year-end activities (and none too soon for the teachers!). The local (military) justice system arranged for a mock trial for the students. We will not comment on the appropriateness of this venue for some of the kids but it was a good experience for all of them.

The local military also treated the teachers to a tour of the Rhein-Main Air Base. (http://www.rheinmain.af.mil/ )The highlight was a tour of a C-17 cargo plane. The view from inside was impressive and they could see how even heavy equipment could be brought into an airfield. These same planes and airfield had recently ferried troups and equipment into northern Iraq.

One teacher's parents went on the tour and the next Saturday we were invited to their 50th Wedding Anniversary party. It was a wonderful celebration with six hours filled with organized activities. There was dancing, a keg tapping, a Newlyweds Game Show, Piñatas, and a whole lot of talking. All in all it was a good time and a good reminder that people make the place.

Take care, finish school ,and take some time off. We will.

John and Marianne








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