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Christmas In Germany (2003)

*** Under construction (and never finished.  Oh well.***

A diary covering the US portion of 2003 Christmas holidays was originally written in January of 2004 and updated in December of 2016.

For reasons I can not recall, there was no diary of the German Christmas season, although there were plenty of photos from that period.  Consequently this is band new, built from pictures that are accurate and memories that may not be.

November 29 - December 20

Written December 30, 2016


Dear Friends and Families,


Christmas in Germany is great.  So much of American Christmas tradition originated in Germany that it all seems familiar and reassuring.  In 2003 we started celbrations on the last weekend of November and did the best to continue until we got on a plane to America three weeks later.

The first Christmas Market was in Frankfurt's Romerplatz, twenty minutes from home on the subway.  In no time at all, we had our first Glühwein (spiced wine) of the season, but passed on some of the other calories on offer.



We also started shopping for our home leave presents while we also enjoyed watching others enjoy the market offerings.


Rommerplatz was so convenient, we were back there a few days later for a daytime visit.  As I recall, this time we bought sausagesandwiches to sustain us through more Xmas gift shopping.

The next day, a Sunday, we joined friends Robin and Art at the Wiesbaden Christmas Market.  More shopping.  I was particularly impressed by the puppet lady and I believe some grandchild got this hand puppet


Midway through the following week, during my work week in Erlangen, I took an evening off to see the Christmas Market that is overlooked by the old Erlangen University building.  This market is much smaller than those in Frankfurt or Wiebaden, but it seemed to have most of the same attractions

John's Work Dinner





Way out of town



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