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Walk In The Woods

November 9, 2003


Dear Friends and Families,

Early in November, we were invited by German friends for a traditional Sunday walk in the woods. I had met Kurt on a project in California a decade ago where he and his family spent a couple of years. This turned out to be a lovely time but the pictures tell a better story than I can.


Stay in touch and keep track of old friends.


John and Marianne


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The entrance to the woods.

Kurt read the map and selected which path we would use.

The quickest path was probably this river of rocks -- if you were young enough!

Our path was broader and easier.

The Fall colors had almost passed, but not quite.

Kurt was in charge of movies while I did the stills.

Marianne and Elizabeth were in charge of talking and they did a very good job of it.

The mixture of rocks and trees was wonderful.

This was our most colorful scene with the evergreens coming out of summer hiding.

On the way back, we stopped at a castle and I tried pictures. While I struggled to find enough light for the stone building, this moonrise happened behind my back.




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