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Frankfurt Friends

April 2, 2004


Dear Friends and Families,


Marianne and I started our Spring Break with a very pleasant dinner with friends we’d met via German lessons at the Goethe Institute. The group represents a part of our European life that we value highly, meeting people from different parts of the world and hearing their stories.

This evening, we caught up with the recent developments in the lives of our Swedish-Indian-British-Romanian friends. It seemed that romance had been hard on folks. Tristan and his girlfriend had broken up as had Martina and her boyfriend. Sid, widowed since we first met, told us an hilarious story of his thwarted attempt at seeking a new romantic connection.

Marianne and I complained about our new life of split work locations and Violetta expressed sympathy, since she and her husband have been working on dual careers in two locations for quite some time. She says that it’s getting better since they are now both assigned to Frankfurt, but this evening her husband was still busy commuting back from Berlin. These distant work arrangements are relatively common in Germany, but we don’t like it and hope it will end in the next few months.

Marianne and I had to leave early, since we had yet to pack for our 10-day trip(another story) so we said good-bye and promised to stay in touch. And we mean it.

Visit with friends and stay in touch,


John and Marianne



We met at Keepers Lounge: http://ww.keepers-club.de




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