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Friends' Wedding

May 28, 2004

Dear Families and Friends,


Our friends Robin and Art invited us to their wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland and we jumped at the chance. In the next diary, you can see our tourist impressions but the three slide show below give some ideas of the great wedding festivities. We had a wonderful time


The ceremony was held in India House, the local name for what we Americans would call City Hall. As you can see , the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and the family laughing -- as it should be.



After the wedding, our party walked up the hill and barged into Edinburgh Castle. This may have been the only successful invasion of the old stone walls for hundreds of years and I think we dressed up the place on a gray Scotland day.



In the evening, we moved on to formal reception dinner. Well, maybe not TOO formal. We managed to celebrate both the wedding and Robin's mom's birthday -- but it was the special wedding dessert that stole the show.




So, that's it. Don't forget to click "Next Diary" to see our touring impressions of Edinburgh.


John and Marianne


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