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August 6 , 2004

(written Sept. 26)

Dear Families and Friends,


Here are a few pictures of the practice wedding -- pretty normal and traditional.


And then there was the bride's choice of rehearsal reception -- in the Owner's Box at the Bowie Baysocks' Stadium. It was great fun, all of it.


(Technical note: No "thumbnail" views this time. I'm just experimenting with a simpler approach, so, if if don't like it, please send a note. John T.)



Geoff, Brian and Suzanne's brother Jonathan looking more informal than they would the next day.
The bride's team.
Suzanne with her dad and real tears -- not the first nor last.
Father practicing words he's said a few times before.
Labeled to make sure we could tell.
Geoff and Suzanne driving away in their(rented) PT Cruiser.
Checking out the field from the owner's box.
The Owner's box had seats and a nice reception room.
At a baseball game, you never know who will crash a party.
Marianne, Bim, and Ron, enjoying the game or getting ready for the fireworks show.


Take care and enjoy the game, wherever it is.


John and Marianne.


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