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To America and Back

October 18 , 2004

(Written October 31)


Dear Families and Friends,

In mid-October, I had a week-long trip back to the States. I visited our main office in Lynchburg, Virginia and family near Baltimore. Throughout the trip, I was listening for signs from the upcoming US Presidential Election. The business and personal missions went OK, but the search for political insight was futile. As I write this two weeks later, I still have little insight. Most Europeans we talk to want ABB (Anybody But Bush) but the American sense is different. I wonder what will happen?

For pictures on this trip, I was disappointed when I went to the Blue Ridge Mountains above Lynchburg because the fall colors had not quite arrived. Maybe next year. However, I did manage a few colorful pictures up near Bim and Ron's house so here they are.

I spent some of my Frequent Flyers mileage and upgraded to an upstairs, Business-Class seat on the 747 to Washington. I could get used to traveling this way, but I have never understood how one can justify the difference based on cost.
Up in Maryland, the field corn was dry, waiting for harvest. This particular field is very near sister Bim's house, which had it's obligatory Marine Corps flag hanging from Mike's window. He was home on leave, but mostly that meant home-with-girlfriend, at least while I visited.
Liberty reservoir is nearby and neighbors were enjoying taking kids for a walk or just throwing a line in the lake.
The colors were spotty but good. The morning light was particularly favorable to the Fall scene.

Take care. Visit family.


Best regards,

John and Marianne


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