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Frankfurt in Two Seasons

April 2, 2005

(written April 23)


Dear Families and Friends,


Sometimes it's nice to just go out for a walk. Even in a small city, even in snow, even for just a short walk, it's nice to take a few pictures so we can remember and share. And in Spring sunshine, it's even better.

Take care and remember to walk and share.

John and Marianne

Parks and playgounds seem so dramatically empty with a covering of snow. Trees are bare, as are swings. No kids climb on bars or concrete bears.

In the park, I discovered a memorial to Phillip Reis, the inventor of the telephone - or at least that's what MY interpretation of the German inscription was. What ever happened to that Bell fellow?
But, the best part, was an up-close examination of scraggly shrubs and a glimpse of the color of Spring.


Weeks later, we tried another little walk.

These are the sure signs of Spring in our city neighborhood: bicycles and blooming trees.

I suppose it's cheating to get Spring color from a flourist's shop, but we did our field work too.

Looking from low and high, Frankfurt offers a pleasant Spring face.


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