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Quick Visit to Miltenberg

April 2, 2005

(written April 24)


Dear Families and Friends,


We often talk about how we enjoy the freedom to just jump in the car and run off to see interesting European places. Lately, it seems the emphasis has been on "talk" as all our action time is taken up with chores, business travel, worry about a new teaching job, a pending move, etc., etc. A couple Saturdays ago, after our normal morning errands to the cleaners, super market, vegetable stand, and egg store, we decided on a quick trip "somewhere".

Because it is less than an hour away, and because we'd not been there, the village of Miltenberg seemed to fit the bill. The pictures tell the story of our little getaway.


It was too cold to go topless, but jumping in the sporty car seemed much more fun than loading the station wagon. Besides, all we had were a change of clothes, cameras, lenses, computer, books, paper, etc., etc., etc. I swear we take as much along for a single night as we once did for several months. (Notice that this was before the car-to-truck mentioned in the last diary.)

We had chosen a hotel after a quick internet search and a phone call. The Jagd-Hotel Rose turned out to be a very pleasant place with convenient parking (important and not universal in Europe) and a true Old World feeling.


After depositing our bags in the hotel and getting our bearings, we turned the corner to walk into town. Soon we saw the Faust brewery, with huge vats of wheat beer (Weisbeer) bubbling over. Founded in 1654, this is not the oldest brewery in town as Kalt-Loch-Bräu started almost 75 years earlier.

The old town included dozens of half-timbered buildings, many two or three hundred years old when the breweries were started.

One side of town runs along the Main river and the other climbs the steep hillside. Topping the hillside is Burg Mildenburg, the 13th Century castle still guarding town

In the center of town was the required fountain square, all decked out with Easter decorations found throughout this part of Germany.

Down by the river, we sat in an outdoor garden and sampled the local brew. The little girl from the next table was as colorful as any of the Easter decorations.

In the evening, Miltenberg was as peaceful and picturesque as it had been during the day.

So, I guess this was just a reminder that our Frankfurt home is surrounded by villages and we have to get out there to explore them all. It would be particularly nice if a couple of our kids would come along.

Oh, that's the NEXT story.

John and Marianne


Frommers: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/miltenberg/0828010001.html


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