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Pommersfelden Garden Show


May 28 , 2005


Dear Families and Friends,

We are trying to "fit in" down in our Bavaria neighborhood, so we take in a few sights on our house-inspection visits. In the last weekend in May, we took the opportunity to see a garden show. We'll share it with a few pictures.




John and Marianne

Dinner our first evening was at "Dinner for One", a charming restored Bavarian farm house. The setting is special, as is the food. When the owner found out that we too had bought an old "dream", she sat with us and shared her scrap book. The disaster her place had been gave us hope.

Morning comes early this time of year. It is light by 4:30 or 5:00 and it's hard to sleep. At least we get some nice views from the hotel window.

But the big occasion was the annual Garden Show, for the first time being held at our neighborhood palace, Schloss Weissenstein. Perhaps a hundred vendors came, displaying all sorts of home decorations and services. This year, we were just looking, but we promised to come back as buyers next year.
Some of the yard art was ... interesting. Actually, these metal and stone sculptures were quite good and I'm sure one will end up in our yard next year. (No, the animal in the blue shirt was NOT part of the show.)

I couldn't resist taking a peak at our project.

(Latest house stories)

Many people were just enjoying the sunny weather, something we've had too little of.
The group Attica provided a background of Portuguese and Spanish songs. We bought their CD, our only purchase of the day. Some of the younger fans also enjoyed the Latin touch.
The end of the day reflections were all positive.

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