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Bamberg - Afternoon Pictures

October 15, 2005



Dear Friends and Families,


On a normal Saturday, we have been running around Bamberg looking at tiles and paint and plumbing. But, every once in awhile, we pause and look around. It's a wonderful town and we're delighted to look forward to learning it more and more.

I hope our pictures tell our story for today. Write with questions!

Bamberg is divided by rivers and canals. For some, it's a place for peaceful reading. Others find more challenging use of old water weirs.
The cathedral is impressive anytime but the interior light was truly special this day.
The day was ending, but we couldn't pass up the rose gardens and the view they have of the roof tops and yet another church.

This is the sign of the local speziality - smoked beer.


Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds!



If you visit, we can repeat this two-hour tour - and more.


John and Marianne


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