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Fall In Hessia and Bavaria

October 23 and 30, 2005



Dear Friends and Families,

Another catch-as-we-can "tour".

Up in Hessia, we pause log enough outside Marianne's post office to see a beautiful Fall tree.


Later, we stopped and chatted with a real shepard. He told us he's been doing this all his life and claims it is such a healthy lifestyle that he's not been to a hospital in decades. There must be an easier way.




A week later, after our normal construction organizing weekend, I managed a quick evening picture tour of the neighborhood. We are really falling in love with this place. (Good thing!) Please enjoy our picture show.


Around the corner from my small hotel, the some neighbors have built their wood piles for a cold winter.
The other neighbor, the Schloss Weissenstein, just stays behind its wall. I wonder how much wood they once burned to keep the 250+ rooms warm.
Out in the fields, the shadows were getting long. Isn't that a cute cluster of houses in the red sunset light?
Around the other side of the Schloss grounds, the old "back door" had the best view of Fall colors.
And, finally, everyone had to go home


Enjoy Fall.


John and Marianne


ps: November 6, 2005


Pommersfelden isn't big, but it does have more than a single castle. Schloss Weisenstein, built in the the early 1700's, is a relative newcomer. The original castle in town was built hundreds of years earlier, as the local bastion to solidify the claim of whatever royalty preceded the Schoenborne family.

Today, the old castle is just a ruin and a dry moat, but, still, it makes evening walks more interesting than those in a normal American suburb!
City Hall, or the Rathaus, is across fro the castle ruin and it's easy to imagine it being there when the castle stood tall and strong. I'll use this page to add a few shots of other buildings, from the old part of town. (Our late 18th Century house is NOT considered old hereabouts.)    


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