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Walk in the Neighborhood

December 26, 2005


Dear Friends and Families,


We like our new home town in the Spring, Summer, Fall and, even, Winter. Our Christmas break allowed us some time to walk and drive around the area. Here's some of what we saw.

The view from our temporary home, the Hotel Gruener Baum, was properly snowy.



Our house project was also looking pretty wintry. No backyard garden work this day. Inside however, it was warm as toast.

Next door, the back gate to the castle looked bleak. Later, we would see this gate from the other side.

Roads were icy, but we didn't have a schedule so we could enjoy the winter white.


The nearest tourist stop is our neighborhood castle. The tree-lined road coming in from town was gray but dramatic. Inside the courtyard, a few hardy tourists enjoyed snow-balls while snow-covered stone people watched.


Out back, we shared the castle park with only the local herd of deer. On the back side, not far from where we started at the Gruener Baum, the small lake looked very cold. We've heard that, originally, this small pond provided a carp crop every Fall and ice blocks for the local brewery every Winter. Now, it's mostly just a place for pictures.


This caretaker house has perhaps the nicest location in town as the front windows look up to the Schloss Weisenstein. With the old details THIS would be a real project, but I doubt the Baron will part with it!


So, that's our neighborhood in winter.


We love it.


John and Marianne

Post Script: January 2


I just HAD to add a couple pictures from this evening's sunset. Next year, this will be just outside our door!


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