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First Armored Division Museum

April 17

Written August 6

Dear Friends and Families,


While Marianne was off in California visiting her mom, I kept up our normal routine. Part of that routine has been a swing by an Army base to get our supply of books and magazines. On this particular Sunday, I added in a visit to the museum of the First Armored Division, called "The Big Red One". This was a small display, but remarkably personal and touching. The soldiers from the Big Red One have fought in the trenches of The War to End All Wars, across Europe in WWII, in Viet Nam, The Gulf War and today in Iraq. The connection between the young Army families we'd see in the fast food restaurants on base and the list of Division soldiers killed in Iraq became clear - and disturbing.

Remember the soldiers.


John and Marianne


World War I, the War to End All Wars. Simple weapons and giant cleaners for lice-infested uniforms.

The Big Red One landed at Normandy and crossed into Germany on the bridge at Remagen, the only intact bridge over the Rhine River.
Later, the Division saw service in Viet Nam, The Cold War (hence the Germany location) and the Gulf War.
Today, the Division soldiers are serving, and dying, in Iraq. These displays were moving in their simplicity. They had been made, and were visited, by friends of the fallen.


Outside, the displays were less personal: Army hardware from almost a century of service.

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