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Lisa and the Boys

June 16-19

Written August 6

Dear Friends and Families,


Marianne's brother Chris and his family, our first real house guests, came in mid-June. It was great fun and, in three-and-a-half days, we managed a quick tour of Bamberg, a birthday party at neighbors, a village "sports festival", and plenty of time just hanging around the house.


We're not sure we can offer the same itinerary to other visitors, but there's always something in Franconia.


John and Marianne


June 16: The family arrives on the train at Nuremberg. They looked remarkably rested, considering the complications of traveling with young Adam and younger Spencer. The first day's activities were limited to playing in the yard and chatting.

June 17:

The morning was warm and just right for digging in our gravel pile. Maybe we should keep it? (Nah, probably not.)
We visited our neighbors -- the cows at Farmer Zuerl's and the running track at the neighbor's.
Up in Bamberg, we wandered around the old town until everyone was tired and then stopped for lunch at Schenkerla, a local standard with smoked beer and plenty of food.
After the tough tour of the big city, we sipped wine on the patio.
In the evening, the village of Pommersfelden was holding a "Sports Festival". Chris enjoyed the beers while Adam tried his hand at making bread-on-a-stick. (Dough was wrapped around a stick and all the town kids roasted the wads over a fire. Kind of like roasting marshmallows, but with less sugar.)
By the time we walked home, everyone was still happy but ready to rest.

June 18

The next day started with another outdoor breakfast. We had to admit that Bavarian weather isn't always so cooperative. The Hidas family must have brought it from California.

At lunch, Spencer made friends with a puppy at the outdoor restaurant. Our meal was topped off by ice cream at the local bakery.
After that, it was back to the Sports Festival and more playing in sand and hay.
Chris was the hit of the hay pile. He also used Adam as an excuse for driving the kiddies pedal cars.
In the evening, we were invited to our neighbors's for Mrs. Dorn's birthday party. It was a very elegant and gracious gathering.

June 19

On the last day of the visit, we only had time for another outdoor breakfast. Adam had enjoyed his peanut butter so much, we sent along a jar of it, in case Italy was running short.

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