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Occasional Grandpa

October 19 to 23

Written November 24


Dear Friends and Families,


Marianne and I enjoy our Bavarian life but a clear drawback is that family is far away. This is a particular problem with our one grandson, Rich, since his Colorado home is so far from Pommersfelden that I've managed only about a once-a-year visit . Here are pictures from the most recent visit by Grandpa John.


Rich had gotten bigger since I saw him last, almost a year ago. Still cute though (That's a perfectly objective assessment by Grandpa.).



I was also able to see parts of the normal routine:

-- We managed a bit of shopping, although toy trucks seemed more interesting than new shoes.



-- Fridays are at "the ranch", a pre-school where little humans are introduced to other little animals.


-- On Saturday (?) Rich also had a 4th Birthday Party, a day or two early, but he enjoyed the toys anyway. The yellow German car I brought seemed a hit as he introduced it to his local highways.


-- We also managed to just hang around home. Rich liked trying out his Halloween Costume and he and his father tried to explain some of their games to old Grandpa. Not sure I understood everything, but it was fun anyway.


-- Sunday, we packed up and headed into the hills outside Longmont & Boulder. It's a spectacular setting and gave Rich a chance to clomp around in the snow. Clomping was his favorite. Getting sun screen applied was not.


-- Mondays are gymnastics. The pit of foam cubes was the highlight for Rich and some of the other kids too. The rest of the hour included floor exercises, tumbling, balance beam walking (a non-favorite) and trampoline jumping. Looked fun to Grandpa.



Just a short, four-day stay but Grandpas take what they can.


John and Marianne.


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