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Back at Monticello

April 1 , 2007

Written April 13

Dear Friends and Families,


U.S. president Thomas Jefferson is famous for many things in American history, including his country house Monticello. It is a very popular tourist destination and the inside tour generally requires a considerable wait, even in cool, off-season weather. But, while waiting, it seems there are always opportunities for picture-taking.

Here's some of the shots from our 90 minute wait:

This is the most traditional view of Monticello - the view stamped on the 5 cent coin.

And these are the most traditional flowers of the area, the cherry blossoms. Some of these trees are very old, perhaps only a generation or two descended from the trees Jefferson had in this same orchard.

The most traditional thing to do with cherry blossoms is to take pictures.

Between the two orchards of fruit trees is a berry patch and, my favorite, the vineyard. I love the rustic wood trellises. The fruit tree in the middle of the vineyard is my favorite photo scene. (See here and here for earlier shots)

Dogwoods are also out this time of year and Monticello features a variety of colors.

I believe these pink or purple trees are called "redbuds" and they add lacy color throughout this part of Virginia.
Up closer to the house, ancient roots make a picture all by themselves. The pond where Jefferson kept fish fresh reflects the top of another of the oldest trees at Monticello, and this brings us back to the beginning, "the nickel view".

If you missed anything, we'll probably visit again. I think I still need a summer picture of the vineyard.


John and Marianne.


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