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Pommersfelden Garden Fascination

May 18-20

Written May 26

Dear Friends and Families,


One weekend a year, our village of Pommersfelden hosts a yard show called "Faszination Garten". The "yard" is the castle grounds and it's a wonderful Spring ritual. We first went two years ago, when our house project was just starting, way too early for purchases. Last year we scheduled our house warming to coincide with the garden show, just so that people would have enough to do to warrant a trip to Pommersfelden.

Every year we buy something, this time several small ice-plants, a good sized dogwood tree, and a giant dragonfly. Mostly though, it's a fun time to wander around our neighbor's yard, taking pictures, eating bratwurst, listening to music, and generally enjoying our new life. Here's this year's picture album.

Marianne, posing in the entrance gate. Once inside, the mix of art, flowers, and 290-year-old castle decorations gave a feel that would be unique back in the States.


Music was being provided by a live band. The music was classic (=old) jazz, and the musicians were at least as classic as the music. The kiosks were strung along the paths of the castle back yard. Some were quite elaborate whereas others were simple but very enticing. I know we bought more than we needed!


But, the best part was just making more memories -- and pictures always help.

Frogs, making a racket far bigger than their size. Quiet pictures of flower shops, after the crowds had gone but the sun was still lingering.

Back home, we planted the yard art we'd found and watched the setting sun make shadows. This really is as good as it gets.

Enjoy your garden, whether it's in a castle or not. Even if you have no garden, borrow one from time to time by visiting a gartenfest.


John and Marianne


Website: http://www.faszination-garten.de


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