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Lake Balaton



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June 28-30

Written July 22

Dear Friends and Families,


I should NEVER let time go by before I write these diaries. On a trip like our ten days in Hungary, I develop grand plans for interesting stories from every corner of our visit. After I get back, the plans get overwhelmed by normal life of work, work travel, and home work. Now, a month later, I'll do my best to show a few pictures.

Give us a call if you want more information.


John and Marianne


Park in village of Tihany

View from the Tihany park.

Lake Balaton from the vineyards around Szent Orban

A Tihany store that specializes in paprika, including the peppers as outside decoration.

Drying peppers for paprika

Marianne, shopping for souvenir handwork

Lake Balaton from the south.

Marianne buying some fruit at a roadside stand.

A wheatfield. There were many fields of wheat, some just being harvested

A pleasant-looking cabin above Szent Orban, with a great view of Lake Balaton



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