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Passau and Home

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July 3-4

Written August 4

Dear Friends and Families,


Our Hungarian adventure had to end. We'd spent a week and a half wandering around, and now it was time to head home. We could have made it in one day of driving, but that's not our preferred pace, so we decided a stop in Passau, Germany.

We found a very nice place to stay, the Hotel Passauer Wolf, with a wonderful river view. It was fun watching the long and narrow tour boats coming and going. Maybe, some day, we'll get on one. We also enjoyed just walking through the old city streets, along the rivers, and through some of the old churches. We even managed a meal or two, one in a real "keller" and another along the river, outside, until we were rained out.

Here are our Passau picts:

On the way from Passau to home, we stopped by Henny and Karl's to pick up our garden whirligig. Karl had volunteered to update the bearings and stopping by allowed us to avoid possible damage in the mail -- and to enjoy a few hours with a very friendly pair of folks. They took us down into Straubing, no doubt a wonderful old village, but our tour was cut short by a summer downpour. We took that as a sign to finally head home.


Henny & Karl and Karl's art.
Straubing towers, and threatening thunderclouds.

Finally, we were home in Pommersfelden. The fields around us had changed in the ten days and many farmers were out harvesting. Even our own yard had changed during our absence, as these before and after pictures show.

Back yard and field. Mowing was our first job.
The Vegetable garden had taken off, with the squash and zucchini threatening to overrun the neighbor's fence (& house??)
The little roses in the hof garden had sprung to life too.

So, that' that. Now it's back to work. But with great memories of a driving trip to Hungary, and a leisurely return home.


John and Marianne


-- Passau Tourism: http://www.tourimus.passau.de

-- Hotel: http://www.hotel-passauer-wolf.de

-- Another Hotel (saw, but didn't stay. Looked nice.): http://www.altstadt-hotel.de

-- River Tours: http://www.donauschiffart.de


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