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North Carolina Wine

August 11+

Written October 27

Dear Friends and Families,


It's been a busy time, but we still do like to have a record of what's happening (for our "declining years", you know).


Nevertheless, it's been almost three months since I got around to doing ANYTHING and now all I can handle is a series of brief photo albums. Well, at least the thought is there.


This is the story of a small North Carolina winery. Actually, it's pretty big by N.C. standards, but this clearly isn't Napa or Burgundy.

Cute sign on the entry road.

The Yadkin Valley may not be as famous as Napa or Burgundy, but everyone starts somewhere.  

Out back, the fields ran up the hill.

The grapes were full, despite the ongoing drought in the U.S. South.  
Just below the fields were the grape cleaners and presses. Inside, the stainless tanks made the whole operation seem very modern. Shelton actually sells barrels, after they have been used for a year or two to age their red wines. The barrel owners has an option on the first bottles from the barrel, and the barrel itself.
The grounds of the winery are pleasantly landscaped. This is NOT a low-budget operation! The Harvest Grill http://www.sheltonvineyards.comrestaurant is very much in the French tradition of fine kitchens in the vineyards. I had to give it a try. Fortunately, it was too crowded inside, so I was sent to the covered patio. While the day was fairly hot, the setting was wonderful.
  A few weeks later, I stopped by the Shelton Winery again. On this September weekend, they were making special offers on cases of wine, which I had to turn down because I was only days away from getting back on the plane to Germany.  
But, it was fun listening to the country singing. And inspecting the main attraction -- old farm equipment. When I first saw this lineup, I thought these were new machines, being advertised by some local entrepreneur. Up close, it became clear that these machines were restored antiques, many over a half-century old. THIS is what the farm back in Bavaria needs!

Take care and be on the outlook for a good old tractor.


John and Marianne.


Harvest Grill (336) 366-3590



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