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Mike and Becca's Wedding


May 10 , 2008

Written May 20, 2008

Dear Friends and Families,


The focus of our May trip to the U.S. was weddings and our first stop was in Maryland where nephew Mike capped a three-year engagement to Becca with a very nice wedding ceremony. The weather cooperated, just barely, and it was fun to be part of the whole process, from rehearsal through reception.


Friday night, we joined the rehearsal. The pastor combined humor and a drill sergeant's sense of order to make the event fun, but productive.

Listening attentively.
Mike and Ron trying to get the groomsmen in order. Short hair was the order of the day since all but one here are , or were, Marines.
Stealing the show were Becca's two nieces.
Becca and her dad practiced the march up the aisle.
The minister practiced, but didn't say, the wedding ceremony words.
And then, Mike and not-quite-yet Mrs. Kennedy smiled on their practice lap down the church aisle.
There was even practice for post-wedding pictures! A happy-looking couple, as it should be.


Photographic coverage of the wedding was left to the professionals. (http://www.pictage.com/ and search for the Kennedy wedding). Nevertheless, we managed a few shots just to confirm that the bride's beauty was her own and not due to a professional photographer's skills.

Becca's family.
The nervous groomsmen.
The happy couple and the happy parents.
My brother-in-law Ron and the bridal couple.
The little flower girls.
The gorgeous bride.


The wedding reception was held back at Harrington Harbor. Again, we'll let the professional pictures show the full coverage.

The cake looked good and tasted great!
The buffet had the best view of the harbor.
Here, Marianne shares a laugh with Brian, Jen and Rich.

But the best part of the reception, and all the other wedding activities, was seeing Mike and Rebecca and their happiness.


Hopefully, this reminds us all of what is important in life.


John and Marianne.



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