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Fresno Family

May 18 , 2008

Written June 14, 2008

Dear Friends and Families,


We enjoyed our few days in Fresno, visiting Mamo and Elemer. The weather was hot (over 100F, about 40C) but that's Marianne's favorite kind and we'd had plenty of non-hot in Germany and Virginia.


Almost every morning we went out for an outdoor breakfast coffee and roll. In fact, it seemed like all we did was eat -- or drink.

In the sun at Boulanger bakery.Kati, a family friend, joined us one of the days.

Sharing the regular Sunday dinner at Smuggler's Restaurant. The food, setting, and company were quite traditional.


Back home, one of the traditions is Elemer's evening round of cocktails.


On one of our drives, we sampled the famous fruits of the area.


We also worked in a house tour. This 4,500 square-foot mansion was on the market for about 2 million dollars. It was part of a development of several dozen multi-million dollar homes.

It had a two-car garage on the right, and a one car garage on the left. The kitchen was HUGE, with a wonderful, grease-catching ceiling decoration.

The back yard was tiny, but beyond that was a golf course. For me, this was a good arrangement because that meant someone else does most of the work.

Nevertheless, we left shaking our heads. Who can afford such places? Why?

Finally, we had to say good bye and head back to the Bay Area. This is always a tough part of family visits since we never know when we will be back again.

Again, stay in touch with family.


John and Marianne.


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