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Gabrielle and Mamal Wedding

May 25 , 2008

Written June 22, 2008

Dear Friends and Families,


For almost a month, I have been trying to figure out what all would go in the real wedding diary. In the end, I have gotten lazy because otherwise, I may never finish. So, some headlines:

-- It was everything anyone could wish for. The weather, words, setting and people were all beautiful.

-- Marianne cried, but only a very reasonable amount.

-- The Mean Old Step Father was PROUD to help give away his only daughter.



As for pictures, that's another story. There are thousands, all taken by other people (we were busy at the time). So, the easiest way to share is to just provide links:





Chris (later - I KNOW he has some!)




And some from the professional:


Marianne and MOSF


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