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Wolframs-Eschenbach, First Village on Our Weekend Tour

October 3, 2008

Written November 1



Dear Friends and Families,


The fall colors were hitting stride, so Marianne and I decided to take a long weekend to look around a part of Bavaria. Which part, we were not sure, but we didn't want to go terribly far so we made reservations in Donauworth,nominally a two or three hour drive from home.

The goal on driving through Bavaria is to stop early and often. There are quaint villages everywhere and even though we do have a hard time keeping them separate in our memory, each one seems worth a stop at the time.

For this trip, our first stop was Wolfsram-Eschenbach, a mouthful of a name but just a small village of fewer than 3,000 people. The walled town has been called a minature Rothenburg ob der Tauber and it did have somewhat the same feel, but, unlike always-crowded Rothenburg, there were no other tourists.

The center of the village is, as usual, the church. The steeple is particularly colorful.

Inside, we were treated to an open and airy space, complete with harpsicord music. Three musicians were practicing for a show later in the day and we listened in as they played the soft sounds so fitting for an old church.

The streets were gray and quiet on this Friday, but the old buildings were charming nonetheless. Several had painted details that made them appear more ornate than the stonework really was.

The stairs to the rampart above the outer gate showed the age of the place and one could imagine the foot traffic that had caused such wear.

Speaking of traffic, about the only other vehicle we saw was this farm machine, winding its way out of town over a centuries-old bridge. It was easy to imagine that farm traffic has gone across this bridge for hundreds of years.


So, a good first stop. Nothing remarkable perhaps, but Wolframs-Eschenbach was just the sort of off-the-beaten-path village we had in mind for our Baviain weekend.

John and Marianne


A web guide: http://bekker-romero.com/altmuehl/wolframs.htm

A printable guide: http://www.wolframs-eschenbach.de/upmedia/HistorischerRundgangEN080611.pdf



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