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Between House And Barn Projects
The Diary of Our House And Barn Projects


September, 2008



Dear Families and Friends,


March prognosis: The plan is that we will STILL be working inside the barn. Remember, much will be DIY. (or DBA: done-by-amateurs)


Reality is that we're running a bit behind so that it looks like the "DIY" will start in ernest only late in the month. We'll see.

September 7, Back from a Trip

Marianne and I just spent a week in Finland; work for me, more retirement for her. Meanwhile, some work was going on back at the barn. Nothing too dramatic. First, the electrical installation was getting more complicated with a new service panel in the old cow stall. There's still no electricity, but at least there seems to be hope.

Upstairs, the wallboard has been installed. This seems to start making the place look like a room, not a construction site.




Next door, the bathroom wall has it's plaster base properly installed.

I know this doesn't look like much so, below, we've included Axel's latest drawing of the bathroom layout. Can you figure it out? (It's a spatial perception test.) The plan is pretty simple and modern, but stylish as well.

September 10, Stairs

Today Mr. Vomit's crew installed our staircases. The one up to the main level is quite grand actually and very easy to use. They started with pieces and were quite quick about installation.We are trying to figure out what to do with the handrail as the original plan for putting it on the stone-wall side seems too complicated. Later, we decided to move it to the as-yet-un built inner wall.

Further upstairs, the ladder/stairway to the sleeping deck got installed too. This is a much simpler installation, no curves. We also have to change our plan for reuse of the old handrail we had saved from the original stairs because it just isn't long enough. Oh well, that's the penalty for not measuring.

Up on the sleeping deck itself the handrails are starting to go in. I didn't take a picture because it just seemed unremarkable I guess. Next time.

So far so good. Tomorrow we will order the wood for the end walls, more pine. It's simple and cheap but should look natural when we are all done. THAT will be DIY.

September 20, Back Door


OK, maybe you don't get excited by doors, but we had been waiting for quite awhile. Finally, now that the summer vacation season was over, the back door could be installed. Looks pretty good.


Now we need more to happen.




September 25, Drywall

Now here's something that is exciting .... maybe.


On the ground floor, the garage was getting it's drywall covering. (left) On the other side of the wall, the bath/entrance was also starting to shape up. (right)

  Upstairs, the stairway is blocked in and the "office wall" is half-done - enough for the wiring to be run. The plumber can not run the last of the pipes for the "kitchen wall", after proper consultation of course.  

The plan is for all the walls to be done this week, except for painting. After that, there's more electrical, plumbing, tiling, paint, etc. Lots of "etc."

September 28, Bit by Bit

Anyone who has built or re-built a house, or any building I suspect, recognizes that some parts of the process make dramatic changes day to day, and some do not. It seems like we take pictures every few days and all we see are bits and pieces changed. Today's "progress" is a bit more drywall.

Here is Marianne's "atelier", where creativity will begin -- sooner or later.


And this is the TV room, where we will benefit from the creativity of others.

So, that's it for this month. Next month should see quite a bit of change inside, but I hesitate to predict anything more than bit-by-bit.


John and Marianne

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Between House And Barn Projects
The Diary of Our House And Barn Projects