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Grandpa Visits Ryan

March 8-13, 2009

Written April 12

Dear Families and Friends,


Marianne and I started our big U.S. family-tour together, but Ava called earlier so I had the other grandkids to myself, starting with Ryan in Virginia. He was just short of his second birthday and was as cute as ever. Geof and Suzanne were there too. But, I found camera filled with Ryan pictures. Next time I'll try to be more even-handed -- probably not.

Here's a few snaps.

The new yellow "Builder Bob" truck, from Germany.

A old cowboy hat.

A day of tough yard work.

Playing with Gramma.


Start of a career.

Cute kid.


That was a nice vist but Oma (aka Marianne) needs to be here next time. Little Ryan is growing up!


John and Marianne



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