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Mountain Flight

March 7 and 17, 2009

Written April 12

Dear Diary,


For most of our flying, looking out the window is useless. It's either night or ocean or clouds. This time, however, both Marianne and I enjoyed wonderful scenery over the Rockies and into the Bay Area. She did it ten days before me, but the scenery had hardly changed.

First, Marianne's view from the economy seats of her Washington to San Francisco flight.

Canyons, ridges, valleys. It's all pretty spectacular.
I could explain the round irrigated farms at the foot of the mountains but I could not explain the squares in the salty-looking desert. Any ideas?


Ten days later, I flew from Denver International Airport to San Jose International Airport. I was lucky enough to upgrade to First Class but, more important, I was able to slide over to a window seat. Great view.

Even the airport is scenic.

I wonder what these developments are doing nowadays?

Boulder, in the foothills.

First the "front range" behind Denver and then the whole series of Rocky Mountain ridges and canyons. Can you find the ski resorts?



Sacramento Valley.

Lake on Pacheco Pass. (We'd drive this road just a few days later.)

Landing in San Jose is still fun. The flights go right passed our old downtown condominium.

This wasn't MY airplane, but I loved the paint job.


Now, it's on to the new grand daughter.


John and Marianne



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