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To Offenbach, Via Castell

June 14, 2009

Written June 21

Friends and Families ,

It was almost the beginning of another week working in Offenbach, away from home. This time, however, Marianne was coming with me and we started out leisurely on another back roads drive from home.

Before leaving home, we managed to set up and use the new Skype "video conferencing" equipment and have a chat with Gabby and Ava. THIS is good use of technology.

After a quick departure from home, we wandered around on the western side of our normal freeway route. It's not easy because there are not really parallel or direct roads over here. We decided to target the small town of Castell, because it was more or less in the right direction and our GPS navigator knew where it was. I don't know that we could have found it otherwise.

All German villages center on a church and Castell was no exception. We used the steeple as our landmark. Inside, the house was empty, even though it was Sunday.

"Evangelisch" (Lutheran) churches such as this tend to be simpler than their Baroque, Catholic contemporaries and this one had the bonus of a nice town view from the vestibule.

Outside the church, the village had a nice selection of old homes and, most importantly, a very nice restaurant. The restaurant is part of the Castell winery and the sunny Sunday setting was marvelous. It was hard to convince ourselves we needed to get on the road.

We didn't stay "on the road" very long. The day was so pleasant that we "needed" to stop in nearby Kitzingen and sit by the Main River and watch boats go by.


Our normally-two-hour trip from home to Offenbach stretched to three times that, but that was OK. What's there to do in Offenbach anyway?


John and Marianne

website: http://www.castell.de (German, but good pictures)


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