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June 25-28, 2009

Written June 27 through July 9

Friends and Families ,

For Henry's Alpine experience we chose Mittenwald for our base camp. It's a small tourist town east of the larger Garmisch-Partenkirchen area and offered a very Bavarian environment. Here are some pictures from town,but don't miss the horse carriage tour, the cable car ride, and all the other diaries.

We chose the Alpenrose as our hotel, mostly for its "downtown" location, right on the pedestrian zone. The rooms were small, but adequate and the rest was at the standard we expect here in Germany: clean, good breakfast, friendly family staff. Next time, we may opt for a place a bit FARTHER from downtown to gain the extra space in the room.

Mittenwald is not a tourist town brimming with museums, probably because people come here to see the beautiful outdoors. There is, however, The Geigenbau Museum showing violin making, a major local industry since the Klotz family started their workshop in about 1685. Even Mozart played a violin made in Mittenwald. The museum is housed on one of the old painted row-houses and has displays of vintage violins and other stringed instruments. The small example workshop was quiet the day we visited, but during the work week it is occupied by masters and students learning the old craft.

Visitors on a summer Thursday can sign up for a tour of the painted buildings of Mittenwald. We had to make do with just wandering around the small streets, but we were impressed with what we saw.
Of course it's the views of the surrounding mountains that is the highlight of Mittenwald.

The morning we were leaving was the start of the celebration of the festival of Saint Peter and the local Alpine band marched through the empty streets of Mittenwald. I'm not sure everyone appreciated the early wake-up call, but I enjoyed a few last photos.

The other highlight is just the pleasant pace for folks, whether leather-clad locals or beer sipping tourists.


So, that was the "miscellaneous" part of Mittenwald.


John and Marianne


PS: Food; We had several good meals; a lunch in the hills mid-way on the horse carriage ride, another lunch over in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at Zum Wildschütz, and a couple good meals in Mittenwald. But the best meal we had, also Italian, was at the Osteria la Franca where we thoroughly enjoyed a four hour dinner, joking with Henry and generally doing what one is supposed to do on vacation.



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