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Emptying Cameras

March 3 through April 25

Finished May 13


Friends and Families ,

In the old days, five or ten years ago, we used a single digital camera and only needed to keep track of pictures on a single chip. However, counting two iPhones, we now have five cameras that we regularly use. The problem is that we also loose track of what is stored in which memory. (CAMERA memory, memory in our heads are just fine! Maybe.)

So, every once in awhile, I round up everything and check what we have forgotten. This time, I ended up with over a hundred photos that seemed worthy, even if we don't recommend everyone looking at everything. (Or ANYTHING, for that matter?) Here's what I found.

In early March, Marianne went through the house and barn and took pictures of every room. I suppose the goal is to add to the "House and Barn" pages, but that's too much work so we'll just link them here.


Marianne also made a trip to California in March, mostly to take part in Ava's First Birthday celebration. Needless to say, there were a few pictures.

She also visited the family in Monterey and accumulated some more memories.

After that stop, she joined Gabby and Mamal, as they took Ava swimming. The blue tint was an interesting visual effect on these pictures.

After that, it was up to Fresno for even more celebration and fun. And more picts.

Eventually Marianne had to leave sunny California and return home to ... Germany. Of course, we don't take pictures of rain and clouds so we'll only show pleasant Spring weather.

Then we started our (not so) busy social schedule. Our first barbeque was at Andrea and Randy's up in the "Franconian Alps", a very scenic area not too far from here. (And not really near the Alps!) Photos.

Finally, we started our visits to Spring garden shows. This first one, nearby in Erlangen, was particularly large this year, but our shopping list was especially small. In fact, we managed to get out of there with just pictures. (More on pages 8 and 9 too.)



So, now the cameras are all empty and we've given everyone an opportunity to stare at more and more pictures of our life. Or not, your choice.


John and Marianne.


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