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June, 2010: A Summary

June 1 through 28

Finished July24


Friends and Families ,


This has been another period when it has been hard to find the time or inspiration to keep up these diaries. Sometimes I enjoy the process and sometimes I don't, but in the end we need our record -- especially with memories being what they are. So, here's a brief summary of June, 2010.

June 1 - New Office

After almost six years in the open cubicle offices of "Building 72" I have been moved to my own office in Building 10. It's strange, but I miss the chaos of the old layout. Now, it's a nicely-appointed prison cell. I guess I just need to get friendly with the other inmates. We get to go to the exercise hall any time we want. The real problem is that this is my SECOND office and I'm not here as much as I would like. The place up in Offenbach is more chaos than "10" but less than "72". But, it is far from home too. Nothing's perfect.


June 5 - Around Home

Around home the summer is starting to feel right. Folks drive by in their vintage cars. (Called "Old Timers" in German.) The old Horsch was the most popular of the evil empire officers of the 30's and early 40's.

Of course, we still get to shop in Bamberg and look at flowers wherever they are.


June 6 - Brazil Band

On Sunday, we went to a Brazilian music session up at the Kellerhaus Cafe. It is a great establishment, just a few hundred meters from our front door. The music was fun, the setting spectacular, and the ambience fine -- despite the worried look of our friend, the owner, Wilhem Hofmann.


June 12 and 13 - Wine and Roses Weekend

On the next weekend we visited our friends Robin and Art in the Rhine village, west of Frankfurt. It was a fun and full weekend. Saturday night we went to the Schlossgut Schmitt winery in Guntersblum and listened to "Papa's Finest Boogie Band". They were darn good and some of the audience were semi-pro dancers, really getting into the swing.

On this Sunday, we started with another walk through Eltville, a charming town filled with roses and castles and quaint streets. (We were only LOOKING at the real estate in the windows!) In the afternoon, we joined more friends in yet another winery for a few glasses and some good country food. This is one of the best traditions in this country.


June 22 - Business in Helsinki

Late in the month I won a free trip to Helsinki. It was quick, it was work, but I do like the place -- in the summer. Even at midnight, it was light enough to read or, better yet, look out the window or across the harbor. Last time I was here, this harbor was frozen and the light was mostly artificial.


June 26 - Local Fest

Back in Bavaria for the weekend. Best thing happening was a neighborhood tractor show. Things were VERY slow.


June 28 Last Building Fixed

Five years after starting, we are finishing the great reconstruction. This final, small effort is the stucco over the old pig stye. It was never a priority, but we wanted it done before guests came over for the big 4th of July Bar B Que.

But, that's another story.

John and Marianne



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