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July, 2010: First-Half Summary

July 1 through 11

Finished July 31


Friends and Families ,


Still, I am trying to catch up. This is the first part of July, except for the Fourth of July, which gets its own web page. I keep reminding myself that ten years from now we will need these memories -- but I am having doubts.

July 2 and more

Peter and Chin

We started out the month with guests: Peter and Chin came from the States to help us celebrate the Fourth of July! It was a fun visit and we took them to all the best places, from picking peas in the garden to a wonderful concert by Pommersfelden's summer orchestra.

It was all good.



July 5 - Nuremberg

One of my favorite places to show American visitors is the "Documentation Center" in Nuremberg. The museum tells the story of the Nationalist Party in Bavaria. The setting is the partially finished Congress Hall, located on the huge area where the annual Party gatherings were held. Chin is teaching American history about this period, so she was particularly interested.



July 9 -

A Neighborhood Show

In the interval when Peter and Chin were touring Berlin, we enjoyed our own local culture. The Schloss hosted an outdoor show of Cuban music and dancers. We went with our friends Christiane and Thomas and it really was a special evening.


July 10 -

A Yard Show

Meanwhile, we still were enjoying our own yard show. This time of year is great for just hanging around and these couple of weeks were actually warm enough. Actually, it might have been a bit TOO warm, but we will NEVER complain!

July 11 -

A Sunday Drive

On Sunday of the weekend, we decided to abandon yard work and just go out for a ride. We stopped for coffee at our local bakery and for cherries fresh from the orchards in the hills east of Bamberg.

Our goal was Bad Staffelstein, and more churches. I'm not sure we NEEDED to see more, but since we really had no purpose to our drive, churches are always an easy target in Bavaria.

This time, we got to watch a paragliding school on the hill outside the churches too. It was a colorful site, but all we saw were people running down a hill and stopping before their lives were at risk.


Vierzehnheiligen Kirche


Banz Cloister

So, now I have put in these markers for the first part of July, 2010. Of course I still need to do the Fourth of July, and by now another half month has gone by, but I swear I AM catching up.


John and Marianne







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