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Weekend Chores

February 12 & 13, 2011

Written February 12 & 13

Friends and Families ,


This is another note for Marianne. She's away and it's winter and it's so quiet that she worries that I can't find exciting things to do in Pommersfelden. So, I'm going to write down EVERYTHING I do this weekend and show her just what marvelous things she's missing.


I started with a phone call to Marianne, just before she and Ava were falling sleep in California. For me, it's a nice way to start., for them a "schlaf gut". After that, it was making lists, a Saturday morning standard. Then, out for the busy morning.

First outside stop was Burckhart's bakery where I ordered a large coffee (free, because I remembered to bring ten of our coupons) and a raisin-bread roll and a "pizza snake". Now pizza snake may not be one of your favorites but I quite like them. A "snake" in our bakery is a pastry coil and "pizza snake" includes a light baked tomato paste topping. It's good when the sweets look too sweet. My other snake favorite sounds like "moan snake", but I'll leave that for the imagination. (Marianne: Mrs. Dorn, grandma of Laura, says hi.)

From the bakery it was a snowy(!) drive over to the hair dresser. I know, guys have barbers, but in Steppach of Pommersfelden, one must be flexible. On orders from the wife, I asked for less to be cut off the back. For me, it doesn't matter, since I certainly don't look at the back of my head. (Marianne, Frau Hermann says hello.)

The cleaners was the next stop, for my weekly allotment of shirts. As always, a friendly place, despite the long hours of standing and ironing. I admire the cheerfulness. (Marianne, Frau Tuschel says hello -- and lots of other Frankish greetings I had no chance of understanding.)

Yesterday, the "check engine" light on my Audi came to life, so I checked if the local dealer had Saturday service hours. They did. They took the car in immediately, served me cappuccino, came back in twenty minutes and gave me the news. It was a catalyzer warning, from one of two catalyzers the car has. The good news was that they reset the alarm for a nominal fee. The bad news was that it could come back in hours or never. If the catalyzer really needs replacement, it would be 1,200 euros , for each side and they recommend replacing both at the same time. (The math: 2 x 1200 x 1.33 = $3,200). I like my V-8 powered, all-wheel-drive Audi, but repairs are definitely deluxe. Pray the light stays off.

Now it was a quick stop at the house to drop off my small purchase. I need the space for a big purchase.

I had been authorized to buy an elliptical exercise machine and I wasn't going to hem and haw like I did last time we decided we needed more exercise. I Googled a shop in Nuremberg and drove straight there. They had such a selection that I bought and elliptical PLUS a stationary bike. Buying was the easy part.

I had assured the salesman I could assemble everything my self, but I had doubts as I saw the cargo compartment of my little station wagon get filled with parts. The bike was not intimidating, because it was all in one box. The elliptical machine had to be dismantled just to squeeze it in. Every piece the technician dismounted, I had to face reassembling. Not only that, there was one part remaining that clearly was not a one-man lift, no matter how much exercise I wanted. Not to worry, I'd cross that bridge later. (Reminds me of a statue. Another story.)

Back at home, I did manage to carry all the miscellaneous parts up to the loft. Good exercise, just like planned. I even managed to assemble the stationary bike, doing most steps twice. More good exercise. But, when I looked for a strong, young neighbor, Harold seems to have disappeared. I think he saw the load in the back of the car.

No matter, I'd done enough to warrant a lunch out, so I went to the Kellerhaus Kafe for soup, salad, wine, and water. I chatted with Herr Hofmann, who was sporting a tan from a week of skiing in Switzerland. He also had a neck scarf due toe the cold he had picked up. The waitress said it was because the wives had not accompanied the boys and the can not care for themselves. I pointed out that I did not have a cold! (Marianne, Willie says hi.)


So, now I am writing this diary, which I have to post before Marianne wakes up because otherwise I'll just tell her everything on the phone and then, what's the point?

Of course, I am in the restaurant with the best "conditor" (tort and cake baker) in the neighborhood, so I may get distracted. (I did.)


More later.





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