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Back Home and Greeted by Weeds

June 10 & 11

Written June 11

Dear Friends and Family,


I am back home now and on my own. Marianne is still with family in California. I managed a few days of work this week, despite the time change. Not much has changed. Germany is closing down their nuclear power industry and the electricity will come from the air. That's official state policy. It will be interesting if it works, but it does threaten the careers of my local colleagues. Glad I am almost retired.

After the work week, I enjoyed a nice Friday dinner with friends, a wonderful group of folks with lots of stories. (I forgot my camera, so I can't immortalize the gathering in "film".)

Saturday morning, it was out to do a thorough examination of the house condition after four weeks with little or no care. Inside, not bad. Outside, the weeds have definitely taken over. I'll illustrate with pictures.

Inside plants, like the orchids and the fichus, did well without watering . Outside, potatoes and other plants grew.
However, weeds had taken over most of the back yard. Considerable work for this and the next few weekends.
The tree situation was mixed. This one that had frozen and lost ALL its leaves, had recovered a bit.

This apple tree however had lost almost all growing leaves. I think the under-bark bug damage we had treated earlier did it in.


After a survey, it was time to attack everything. I mowed the yard (not the field -- that's lower priority), pulled weeds for two hours, and ran errands. I rewarded my effort with a lunch up at the Kellerhaus Kafe, my favorite local establishment, in part because of the food and also because the boss is generally around for a friendly chat. While there, I did my good deed for the day by helping a couple from Texas navigate the menu. As the village's sole American, it was the last I could do.

Tomorrow it's more garden things and more Kellerhaus food (Willie invited me for breakfast.) Sometime I will try to work in some photography, reading, and the inevitable cleaning and arranging that being at home entails. But, overall, I like it. Of course, it would be better with my partner, but she's still enjoying the grandkids. She sent pictures.

Ava with little brother Sam. Strong and saucy Sam.

It's just too bad all our kids are so far away from Pommersfelden. At least there's Skype.




ps: Here's the garden after one day. One real shot, one arty.

Not bad, if I do say myself!




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