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Independence Day Bar B Que

July 3

Written July 9

Dear Friends and Family,


We have a tradition of sorts of celebrating American Independence Day with ex-pats from work and various other friends (including some from the losing side of that struggle).This year, the positive invitation responses went past 60 people, maybe a record. Coming just a few days after Marianne got off the plane, and still in the middle of her nine-hour time zone adjustment, this year had some extra challenges.

Here's the photo-record we managed to get, although I'll have to point out that, as duty photographer, I had more than one role.

Testing bratwurst.
Beer hall tables set up in the barn. This would be enough for about half the crowd.
Rain has also become a tradition and this year it was particularly heavy.

American or not, the red, white, and blue dominated our Pommersfelden beer hall.

Beverly (right) welcomed the Small family, our newest ex-pats, just off the plane two days before.

Alan & Beverly, Peter and Lina, and Richard (Kathy was around somewhere!)

Here Kathy and Christina joined Peter and Lina.

A particularly patriotic Christina


Back in the yard, Kathy, Andrea and Randy chat with Dan. Christina and Evelyn play with Andrea's dog.

Of course there were many more people than I managed to take pictures of. Maybe next year!

John and Marianne


Post-script for Ben


One American expat just missed the Independence Day BBQ by flying back to America. Ben Grambeau and I have been office mates in Offenbach since he arrived. As is tradition, he received a small party at the office and some gifts to make sure he remembered his stay. A nice tradition.



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