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Family Bluegrass

August 4

Written August 9 and 11

Dear Friends and Family,


The goal of this trip was to see Marianne's brother play in the La Roche Bluegrass Festival on the edge of the French Alps. Another diary will tell the story of the visit, but this one tells the story of The Kathy Kallick Band at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival, from our perspective, in pictures.

I tried two photo sessions, one during the daylight "sound check" session and then during the performance, late at night. I am an amateur at both, but it showed more in the difficult night lighting. But it was fun anyway.

As for the show itself, the Kathy Kallick Band was amazing. The performance was rewarded with well-deserved standing ovations. and their CDs sold out in a flash. Made us groupies proud!

In addition to the show itself, we enjoyed the "side show" surrounding the four-day event. There was food, souvenirs, country kitsch, kids games, and a generally festive ambiance -- all set in a wonderful location. By the way, it is an annual event so maybe you can make it next year.


John and Marianne

Pictures - Sound Check
Tom, practicing at the hotel before sound check. It was fun hearing music everywhere we turned.
And the sound guy was focused on his instruments too.
No audience for the sound check. This would change.
Tom on mandolin
Kathy, vocal and band lead of the Kathy Kallick Band
Greg on banjo
Greg on Dobro
Dan, vocal and bass
Annie on the fiddle
Family groupies.

Pictures - Showtime

(Of the zillion shots I tried, only a few produced recognizable pictures.)

Clouds threatened, but didn't dampen spirits.


Pictures - Side Show

Early on the first day, Bluegrass students had a chance on stage. The audience was a bit sparse.
The sumo wrestler game and square dancing made sure everyone could laugh.
Scattered around the venue were funny musical toys.
Not just musicians need to prepare. Here, volunteers start working on the evening's meals.
Les Marshalls
Not French!

Mostly, it was just fun hearing music everywhere.


La Roche Bluegrass Festival

Kathy Kallick Band



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