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Home via Rhine Falls

August 9

Written August 15

Dear Friends and Family,


This is just a quick note to have a place for our last Swiss tourist attraction: The Rhine Falls.

We had not planned any stop on the way home, since we were anxious to get back, but when we saw the sign on the autobahn "Rhine Falls", we were curious. What we saw reminded me most of Niagara Falls, plenty of touristy attractions, but the power of falling water just overwhelming everything else.

According to the park website, the summer flow is 600,000 liter-per-second (about 9 million gpm, if my math is right). Two palaces, Schloss W├Ârth and Schloss Laufen, decorate the edge of the falls pool and there is a constant stream of river boats venturing into the spray. Bring a rain coat if you visit!

Our stop was short, but we considered it a good find and worth the delay. From here, it was into Germany and a quick section of the Autobahn (A81) up to Stuttgart. Going 100+ miles-per-hour made it seem like we caught up any time we'd lost.

Soon enough, we were home in Pommersfelden, facing an overgrown yard. Oh well, it was all good.

Until the next trip,

John and Marianne



Coming into the Rhine Falls Park, we noted how organized everything was, something necessary for the tourist buses I think.
We passed on the opportunity to take a wobbly boat, get soaking wet, climb slippery stairs, and pose under the Swiss flag. But, we were glad others did so.

I did go down into the rock passage that let out right at the falls. It was odd seeing the river rush from above.


Back home the grass (and weeds) were flourishing but the potatoes had died*.

    * plants died, but there was still a good harvest.


Rhine Falls



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